Cashless Ticket Printer Cleaning Cards

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Cashless Ticket Printer Cleaning Cards are a single-use cleaning product. The Cashless Ticket Printer Cleaning Cards will clean the print head and platen rollers on Transact’s Epic 950® and 850® Ticket Printers.

All of our products use an Electronic Grade IPA Solution of 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol. Many of our competitors products us rubbing alcohol at 70%. A higher percentage of Isopropyl Alcohol reduces the drying time of your print head and platen roller.

Packaging: 25 per box. Questions? Call Us at: 1-800-434-9011

Cashless Ticket Printer Cleaning Cards

  • We offer a full line of thermal printer services and products, including Print Heads, Wax Ribbons, and Labels.
  • Our cleaning cards are a single-use cleaning solution for your thermal print head.
    • The material is 100% Polyester Spunlace material, Spunlace give the card a durability without being abrasive.
    • The card has substrate of PVC that laminated on both sides with a blend of Spunlace cleaning fabrics.
    • The card is pre-saturated with a IPA cleaning solution.
    • The packaging give the thermal printhead cleaning card a long shelf life
    • The low cost of the thermal cleaning cards makes it practical to place at multiple printing stations
  • Thermal printer cleaning cards are made of a coarser material and are not meant for frequent use.
  • Thermal cleaning cards cleans the transport rollers, rollers path guide and printheads
  • Cashless Ticket Printer Cleaning Cards specifications
    • IPA Volume: 1.5 +/- 0.25ml
    • Solution Content: 99.9 IP
    • Card Material:  Spunlace / Plastic Core
    • 25 cards to a box
  • Regular cleaning of thermal printer areas can extend the print head life by 80%.
  • The Thermal printhead cleaning card uses an Electronic Grade IPA Solution of 99.9% (Isopropyl Alcohol) this is nearly 30% stronger than off the shelf sterile alcohol.
  • All thermal printer manufactures recommend using thermal cleaning products during every change of media.