Four Bay Battery charger for O'Neil Mf2t & 4t mobile printers

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Keep your O'Neil Mf2t & 4t mobile printers fully charged and ready to go with our four bay rapid charger with Microprocessor IC control. Our rapid battery charger will charge your batteries and diagnose batteries with charging issues.
  • Automatically detects Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion chemistry battery packs, and delivers optimal charge program
  • Charges most batteries in 1-4 hours
  • Switches to trickle charge mode when batteries are fully charged
  • Protects batteries from overcharging, prolonging battery life
  • Detects faulty batteries
  • 1 Year Warranty from detects or failure
  • Meets O'Neil OEM charger specifications
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Ganson's Chargers

  • Normal charge time is 1 – 3 hours, depending on the charging technique.
  • Estimated useful life is 450 discharges aka cycles. Bringing the battery up to full charge and then fully emptying the battery of power is considered a cycle.
  • Our Ganson battery packs contain duel circuit protection. Our circuitry protects the entire battery and each individual battery cell. This circuitry is designed to prevent overcharging and over discharging.
  • Each individual cell contains a safety vent. These safety vents prevent the buildup of internal pressure. This internal pressure will reduce a battery's expected useful life. Our safety vent will open under pressure and allow a controlled release of discharged gas.
  • External Protection Circuit. The electronic protection circuit external to the cells opens a solid state switch if the charge voltage of any cell reaches 4.30v. A fuse cuts the current flow if the skin temperature of the cell approaches 194 degrees. To prevent the battery from over-discharging, the control circuit cuts off the current path at about 2.50 volts per cell.
  • We store our batteries in a climate controlled warehouse. Our batteries have minimal exposure to excessive heat and cold
  • Do not keep the battery in extreme heat. Your battery should not be exposed to tempertures greater than 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Subjectingthe battery to extreme heat and cold substantially shortens your battery's life.
  • The external contacts are gold plated nickel connectors. These gold plated connectors provide corrosion resistance with a tolerance close to zero.
  • Battery Storage: Do not store Lithium Ion batteries in a discharged or full state. You should try to get the battery at about 50% capacity for storage. Lithium Ion self-discharges about 5% in the first 24 hours then loses 1 – 2 % per month. The protection circuit adds another 3 % self-discharge per month.