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Fanfold Label: Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal

The way Fanfold Labels load into the printer allows them to fit more labels than the conventional roll. More labels mean less time spent re-loading labels into the printer, longer print runs and less down time. Most of the time Fanfold Labels are easier to load into the printer and store on a shelf. We have Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Fanfold Labels for Industrial and Desktop Thermal Printers including Datamax, Sato, Zebra and Many More!
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Please use the Find Product Search box when looking for additional labels. If you want to search for Labels select the top drop down search box for: Labels by Width/Length. Select the type of label (Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer), Label Width and Label Length.
If you want to search for printheads you can select the top drop down for manufacturer, printer model and product category. Ex: Zebra, 105sl, Printhead. Under this search you will see all the printheads that will fit a Zebra 105sl Printer.

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