Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen

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Thermal Printer Printhead Cleaning Pens are a multi-use, non-abrasive cleaning product. Our thermal cleaning pen will extend the life of your print head, reduce wear on the platen rollers and may prevent wrinkling and tearing of your thermal ribbons.

All of our products use an Electronic Grade IPA Solution of 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol. Many of our competitors products us rubbing alcohol at 70%. A higher percentage of Isopropyl Alcohol reduces the drying time of your print head and platen roller.

Packaging: 12 per box. This pen is also known by the following part numbers: tec 24089500013 & tppjb12

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Thermal Printer Print Cleaning Pens

  • We offer a full line of thermal printer services and products, including Print HeadsWax Ribbons, and Labels.
  • Our cleaning pen are a multi-use cleaning solution for your thermal print head
    • The thermal cleaning pens barrel contains 5.0 +/- ml of our IPA cleaning solution.
    • The "Snap tight" designed pen cap prevents drying out of the cleaning solution.
    • The pen cap prevents contamination of the pen tip.
    • To clean the pen tip, simply wipe on plain white paper.
  • Thermal print head cleaning pens are a  non-abrasive cleaning method.
    • The tip of thermal cleaning pen is a soft felt like material
    • Thermal printer cleaning cards are made of a coarser material and are not meant for frequent use.
  • Thermal print head cleaning pens specifications
    • IPA Volume: 5.0 +/-.0 ml
    • Solution Content: 99.9 IPA Solution
    • Barrel Length 4.62"
    • Barrel Diameter 14.3"
    • 12 pens to a box
  • Regular cleaning of thermal printer heads can extend the print head life by 80%.
  • The Thermal print head cleaning pen uses an Electronic Grade IPA Solution of 99.9% (Isopropyl Alcohol) this is nearly 30% stronger than off the shelf sterile alcohol.
  • Residue leftover from slower drying cleaning solutions can cause the breakdown of the backing of thermal ribbons. When the backing material breaks down it can cause contamination of the print head and platen rollers.
  • Leftover adhesive and burned on debris may cause the wrinkling and tearing of thermal ribbons and labels.
  • All thermal printer manufactures recommend using thermal cleaning products during every change of media.
  • Thermal Cleaning can be used for routine preventive maintenance cleaning on all types of ID Card Printers, Barcode, Label and Receipt Thermal Printer Print Heads