Wax Resin Ribbon: 1.18” x 3,281’ (30.0mm x 1000m), Ink on Outside, High Density, Near Edge, $7.31 per Roll in 12 Roll Case

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Country of Origin: Made in USA. 
Cost: $7.31 per roll. 12 Rolls to a case. 
Industry Best: Darkest Print In Industry

Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyethylene, Polyolefin & Polyester

These Near Edge, High Speed, Wax Resin ribbons are coated side out (C.S.O.) / ink on the outside. Inner diameter (core size) of this ribbon is 1” (25.4mm). These ribbons are designed for high speed print up to 26 IPS (inches per second) and with an extreme darkness needed for printing on flexible packages. These ribbons are among the darkest print, near edge ribbons in the industry.

What makes it high density? The quick release primer layer combined with the high concentration of resin in the ink layer creates a dense, highly refractive bar code. Translation: The denser your barcode, the more light is reflected (refracted) back to the scanner, the fewer rescans will be required of your product. Test our ribbon with a free sample. See why our High-Density ribbon produces an industry best, bolder, darker image

We are so Confident in This Ribbon Formula, We will Provide a Test Your Substrate and Printer. Remove all Doubts. Call Us at: 1-800-434-9011  

Part Number Compatibility: 18107599, 18105447, 18105528, FVJ030F10, FVJ030F12, VDJ0301000NE, VDJ88S-0301000P, FVJ030F10, P110030MOP, 15-H30KQ25 & 15-P30KQ25

Ribbon width should be 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider than the label or label carrier (backing of label). If you go too wide on the ribbon, you run the risk of causing the ribbon to wrinkle. If you go to narrow you will experience a reduced lifespan of the printhead.

  • The duller side of the ribbon is the ink coated side. This ribbon’s ink is on the outside of the ribbon. The shiny side is in and duller side faces out.
  • Our ribbon’s backcoating is formulated for printhead protection. The backcoating creates a protective barrier that results in significantly less build-up on your printhead’s heating element.
  • Our ribbon’s ink formulation dissipates static, preventing static build-up and reducing the threat of printing voids or the potential for a spark burning out a printhead.
  • Our General Use Wax Resin ribbon is approved by the following Agencies: FDA (indirect food contact), UL, REACH & RoHS
  • Our ribbons are ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified
  • Our ribbon’s recommended shelf life is one year. Avoid high humidity and direct sunlight during storage. Storage temperature should be 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C) at 20% to 85% Relative humidity.

Near Edge Formula Compatibility: DNP: M295HD High Density, M295 Plus Black, M295 Specialty, IIMAK: Net Flex, Net Mark IQ, Net Flex+, Digital Printing Media: EM211 EdgeMark, International Media Products: Z212, Z213, ITW Thermal Films: P110 High Speed Techno-Edge, Union Chemical America (USA): US884 Premium , Videojet Technologies: High Speed, Super Standard, Armor: APR 600, APX 650, CAS Chemical: CCR40 Premium, Dynic HF12, HT18, HT8Plus, inkanto: aPX650 Premium, Mastercorp Mr89NE, Powerlong: TMB21 & Ricoh: B130EV

Printer Models Certified for This Wax Resin Ribbon:

Videojet:  6210, 6230, DataFlex 6320, DataFlex 6330, Dataflex 6420, DataFlex 6530, DataFlex Plus

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