Zebra: 160S, 170XiII, 170XiIII+, 170XiIII, 170PAX, 170PAX2, 170PAX3, 170PAX4 - 305 DPI, Made in USA Compatible Printhead

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Country of Origin: Made in USA.
Rockwell Surface Hardness Rating: 85
Environmental Protection: Resistive Pastes with Gold Circuitry  
Installation: Temperature Settings may need Adjustments

This Printhead is also known by the following Part Numbers: 46500M, 46500-1M, ZEB-465001M, 465001M, 46000M, G46500M, G46500-1M, KST-168-12MPL8-ZB1, AM40 & SSP-168-1984-AM40.

Our Zebra OEM Compatible Printhead works in the following printer models: Zebra: 160S, 170xi II, 170xi III, Z170xi III+, 173 PAX, 173 PAX II, 173 PAX III, 170 PAX III, 170 PAX IV

Our Warranty Equals Zebra's warranty. Our New Zebra compatible thermal printhead is available for shipment worldwide. This is a brand-new Zebra OEM Compatible Printhead. This is not a rebuilt and not a re-manufactured Printhead - BRAND New and Made in the USA.

 Installation Instructions for your Zebra Compatible Printhead

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 Our Thermal Printhead Under Normal Wear

  • An abrasive life of 100 kilometers.
  • A thermal life of 100 million pulses.
  • The resistance in our thermal printhead is consistent up to 330,000 inches.
  • Our printhead is built for a 100% dot duty cycle. Our printhead duty cycle provides you with clarity, print accuracy, and accurate dot reproduction.
  • Dot density up to 300 dpi (12 dpmm)
  • Print speed up to 12 inches (300mm) per second
  • Resistor line location (edge, near edge, etc.) Allows you to print at the edge of your media.
  • Direct thermal or thermal transfer printhead.

How do we achieve these results?

  • Our Printhead is built using a protective diamond like carbon (DLC) coating and is specifically designed for Zebra Part Number 46500M, 46000M, G46500M. Our Diamond like coating provides a surface hardness equivalent to Rockwell 85 to 90. The Diamond like coating will protect the printhead when used in bar coding, ticket printing, thermal printing, printing against ribbons, and printing using other abrasive media. 
  • Our Thermal Print head uses Thick film technology. Thick Film printheads use gold, insulating and resistive pastes which are screen printed onto a ceramic substrate. The thick film technology allows for a reduction in resistance versus pressure contact technology. As a thermal printhead wears the value of resistance changes. A 15% change in the value of resistance results in a printhead unable to function and print the required dot density.
  • Our thermal printhead will use Gold wire bond between the printed circuit board and ceramic substrate. We believe the gold wire bond provides for greater signal integrity and a longer life of the printhead.
  • Our thermal print head uses a hard black epoxy and silicon glass clear coating to protect the gold wire bonds and sensitive electronic circuitry against moisture and harsh environments. 
  • Our thermal printhead incorporates the use of positive temperature coefficient (PTC) and negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors for regulating temperature in the printhead. The PTC thermistor is used to quickly bring the printhead up to operating temperature, increasing your first time print cycle, and conserving energy. The NTC thermistor is used to regulate the heat output which conserves energy and prolongs the life of the printhead. This combination thermometer and resistor device is expensive.