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Ganson Engineering is focused on providing quality, Made in USA products at competitive prices. Staffed by industry veterans, Ganson Engineering scours the thermal and office print environment seeking Quality Oriented Manufacturers. Our goal is to focus first on Quality, Made in USA Manufacturers and second on Quality where Made in USA no longer exists. Our Made in USA compatibles will outlast the OEM at a fraction of the price.

Printheads: We represent one of the last Made in USA Manufacturer of printheads. We are their largest reseller relationship. We cannot locate any other Made in USA printhead manufacturer. If you can find one, let us know. We like to say: Half the Price and Twice the Life of an OEM. We have many Fortune 1000 companies using our printheads. Come and experience the Quality difference of a Made in USA printhead manufacturer.

Office Print: We attended our first office print conference in 1994. We watched the compatible industry go from almost exclusively Made in USA to good luck finding an American Manufacturer. The last conference we attended featured predominately made in China manufacturers. We know of only three surviving, Made in USA, full service compatible manufacturers. We represent two of the three. We have been in business with these ISO 9001 certified companies since: 1998 & 2001 respectively.

Our goal is to provide you with the best Price Quality ratio in the industry. We spend a great deal of time choosing our vendor relationships. We have been to most of our manufacturers' buildings and analyzed their manufacturing processes. We know and can contact the owners (CEO’s) of our vendor relationships. We invest in our clients, our people and in our vendors. We pay our vendor relationships timely and expect quality products and quality service. We have been with most of our vendor relationships for 15+ years and are a big fish in their pond. You have placed your trust in us, we will exceed your expectation. We will provide you with Quality Products and Quality Service at a reasonable price.


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