2" x 1", Thermal Transfer, Perforated, Roll, 3" Core, Polyester Gloss, $63.13 per Roll in 1 Roll Case.

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Country of Origin: Made in USA. 
Cost: 12.63 Per 1,000 labels, 5,000 labels a roll, $63.13 per Roll, 1 roll in a case. 5,000 labels to a case. 
Designed for: Abrasion Resistance, Scannability and Label Life when used with a Ribbon.

These labels are waterproof, UV resistant and UL-Certified. This durable label can survive outdoor weather conditions. They are resistant to smudging, scratching, heat and chemicals. These Labels are UL approved to remain affixed to UL end-products. These labels are Polyester Thermal Transfer labels that Require a ribbon. The label’s surface is Bright White with a Glossy appearance. The Adhesive is standard Permanent Adhesive. 

This label can be applied at temperatures from a low of 32°F to a high of 100°F. Our Coated Polyester Label will maintain its adhesion strength in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 176°F.

Inner diameter (core size) of the label’s roll is 3” (76.2mm). There are perforations between each label. The labels are separated by 1/8" gap between labels. This label’s shape is rectangle and the corners are rounded. Ribbon width should be 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider than the label or label carrier (backing of label).

This Label is compatible with the following Part Numbers: IDIM10121P1P37S, 10008512 & 10011697, RTP2010AP

We are so Confident in This Label, We will Provide a Test Your Ribbon and Printer against this Label. Remove all Doubts. Call Us at: 1-800-434-9011.

  • Uses: Prescription, Inventory, Jewelry, Asset, Tag & Cable Labels
  • Industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail & Transportation
  • Our labels are ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified
  • To extend the life of the label face we use a 46 lb face stock
  • To insure read and scanning quality the face stock has an 89% brightness and an 87% opacity
  • We use a face stock with a tensile strength of 26 lbf/in to resist abrasions.
  • We have labels that are UL-certified, GHS compliant.
  • Custom labels can be produced on a wide variety of material, with custom colors, sizes and shapes.
  • If you have questions or are looking for custom labels call us toll free at: 1-800-434-9011.