3-1/2" x 1- 7/16", Pinfeed, 1 Label Across, 5,000 Labels a Case

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Country of Origin: Made in USA.
Cost: $7.16 per 1,000 Labels. 5,000 labels to a case.
Commitment to Quality. Our Labels are Optimized for: Smudge Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Opacity, Scannability and Label Life. Our Labels will NOT Peel, Yellow, Twist or Tear.

How Do We Construct our Label?

We start with a 50lb liner designed to prevent twisting and tearing during your production run.
Our Facestock is a 50lb EDP Face Stock designed to be Smudge Proof.
We use a NoFlow, Modified Acrylic Permanent Adhesive to resist curling or peeling.
Our labels exceed GHS and AIG standards for the retail, palette & shipping environment.

We are so confident in this label, We will provide a . Test Us. Remove all doubts. 

Questions? Concerns? Call Us at: 1-800-434-9011.

Label Dimensions & Material
Width & Depth               3-1/2" x 1-7/16"
Labels Across:               1
Repeat Down                1-1/2”
Carrier Width                4.25”
Horizontal Perforations   6”
Vertical Perforations:      NA
Weight:                         8 lbs.