Check in Middle, Perfs - 3 1/2" & 7" from Top, Blue to Burgundy, 13 Security Features

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Horizontal Perforation(s): 3 ½” & 7” 
Format: Check in Middle
Background: Blue to Burgundy Prismatic Fade
Quantity: 1000
Paper Size: 8 ½” x 11”
Type: Business Check

Each sheet contains one check.

Use this high quality blank check stock with your accounting software, laser printer and MICR toner to produce complete checks.

To determine the correct check for you, examine your existing check paper stock. Your check paper will contain multiple perforations. These perforations are measured in inches from the top of the check paper downward to the bottom of the paper. You may use our online ruler for measuring the perforations on your current checks.

All checks ship out next business day when ordered by 2:00 PM Eastern.

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Check Fraud Prevention and Check Fraud Security Features for this Check Stock include:

  • Simulated Watermark- Printed with white ink, simulated watermarks have a different reflectance than the base paper and can be seen at an angle. Because the ink is white, it cannot be photocopied or scanned.
  • Prismatic Two Color Pantograph- A multi-color background in which two colors change density and blend into each other, making it very difficult to reproduce accurately on a color copier.
  • Border Microprinting- Words are printed so small that they appear as a line to the naked eye. Only when magnified do the microprinted words become visible, making it extremely difficult to duplicate with a copier or scanner.
  • Target Mark- Used to ensure that MICR line is properly aligned.
  • Security Feature Box- Describes some of the visible and hidden security features.
  • Copy-Void in Pantograph- A repeated background design that is exposed when scanned or copied.
  • Check 21 Image Ready- When a financial institution stores checks electronically or as microfilm it is necessary for the data to take up a small amount of storage space and be readable. Through the use of passive inks with a neutral finish, our checks assure the smallest image size possible and reduce background clutter to make the check readable yet secure.
  • Erasure Protection- When erased, color pantograph becomes white.
  • Invisible Fluorescent Fibers are revealed under black light.
  • Anti-Splice Backer- Diagonal lines of varying thicknesses which are printed on the back, making it difficult to alter information by the cut-and paste method.
  • Endorsement Pantograph / Copy Void- A one color pantograph to make the endorsing signature difficult if not impossible to scan or copy. It also has a copy void feature built into the background.
  • Non-Negotiable Stub Backer- “Non-Negotiable” printed on the back of the check stub to prevent fraudulent use of check stock.
  • Overt Warning Band- Documents obvious security features for easy verification.
  • Signature Security- Signature area is secured with the words “ORIGINAL DOCUMENT”. This background interferes with scanners making it difficult to reproduce.