Check on Top, Perfs - 3 1/2" & 7" from Top, Gold, 11 Security Features

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Horizontal Perforation(s): 3½" & 7"
Format: Check on Top
Background: Gold Marble
Quantity: 2,500 sheets
Paper Size: 8 ½” x 11”
Type: Business Check

Each sheet contains one check.

These secure checks are compatible with most accounting and money management software packages, including Quicken™, Quickbooks™, PeachTree™ and Microsoft® Money™. For use with all laser and inkjet printers.

To determine the correct check for you, examine your existing check paper stock. Your check paper will contain multiple perforations. These perforations are measured in inches from the top of the check paper downward to the bottom of the paper. You may use our online ruler for measuring the perforations on your current checks.

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Check Fraud Prevention and Check Fraud Security Features for this Check Stock include:

  • Pantograph prints void when copied
  • Checks are Check-21 Compliant
  • Watermarks that can only be seen on an angle
  • Coin reactive ink is used on watermarks
  • Void Pantograph behind signature line
  • Anti-splice prevents alterations
  • Microtext border prevents copying
  • Security warning on front of check
  • Security features are listed on the check to assist with verification
  • Verification number on the back of the check
  • The patterned background is replaced with an erasure proof, two toned background
  • Prismatic background hinders copying
  • Security shield on the check disappears when subjected to heat or human touch