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Kyocera Mita Laser & Copier Staples

Our compatible Copier Staples are Tested for Fit, Finish and Compatibility with the Copier, Copier Sorter, Finisher & Stapler Attachment. The staples in this category fit Kyocera – Mita Copiers.

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The Kyocera – Mita Copiers, Sorters, Finishers and Stapler Attachments we support are as follows:

Ai-3030, Ai-4040, Ai-5050, Ai-5555, 5090, DC-6500, KM 1530, KM 3530, KM 4230, KM 4530, KM 5230, KM 5530, KM 6230, Vi-300, Vi-400, Vi-500, Vi-550, Vi-7360, DC-3060, DC-4056, DC-4060, DC-4086, DC-4090, DC-5590, DC-6090, DC-6500, DC-6590, DC-6595, DC-8090, DC-8095, DC-8585, DC-1755, DC-1856, DC-1860, DC-2060, DC-2355, DC-2360, DC-2560, KM 4230, KM 5230, Ai-2020, Ai-2310, Ai-2310L, KM 2030, KM 2530, KM 3530, KMC 1530, Vi-200, Vi-230, Vi-310, KM 8530, KMC 1530, KM 2530, KM 3530

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