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Savin Copier Staples

Our compatible Copier Staples are Tested for Fit, Finish and Compatibility with the Copier, Copier Sorter, Finisher & Stapler Attachment. The staples in this category fit Savin Copiers.

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The Savin Copiers, Sorters, Finishers and Stapler Attachments in this category are as follows:

SR700, SR710, SR800, ST33, 2035DP, 2035DPE, 2045DP, 2045DPE 9922DP, 9927DP, 9935D, 9935DP, 9935DPE, 9940DP, 9940DPC, 9945DP, 9945DPE, 9950DP, 2235, 2245, 2522, 2527, 2545, 2560, 2575, 2635, 2533LZ, 2533ZD, 2545D, 2555D, 2565D, 2580RDZ, 2651

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