Check on Top, Perfs; 3 2/3" & 7 1/3" from Top, Blue to Burgundy, 13 Security Features

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Horizontal Perforation(s): 3 & 7 "
Format: Check on Top
Background: Blue to Burgundy Cube
Quantity: 1000 sheets
Paper Size: 8 ½” x 11”
Type: Business Check

Each sheet contains one top check and two stubs. These checks DO NOT include a signature line.

Use this high quality blank check stock with your accounting software, laser printer and MICR toner to produce complete checks.

To determine the correct check for you, examine your existing check paper stock. Your check paper will contain multiple perforations. These perforations are measured in inches from the top of the check paper downward to the bottom of the paper. You may use our online ruler for measuring the perforations on your current checks.

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Check Fraud Prevention and Check Fraud Security Features for this Check Stock include:

  • True Watermark -  True Watermarks are subtle designs or shapes placed in the paper fibers at the time the paper it manufactured. It can be viewed by holding the paper up to a light source. This check fraud prevention technique is designed to defeat the person using a copier or scanner on your business check. Your bank can review your laser check and notice the inclusion or absence of the watermark.
  • Security Screen- Security Screen with the words "original document" on the back of your check stock. The words “Original Document” are offset against a grey background. This offset print is difficult to copy or scan.
  • Microprint- Microprinting on the front, back or signature line of a check. The micro print is very small type in the check border and the back of the check signature line. This microprint can only be read with a magnifying glass. When a person attempts to commit check fraud by copying or scanning the check, the microprint text becomes a solid line. You bank can look at your business check and see the microprint text no longer exists.
  • Padlock Icon- Alerts to security features listed on the back of the check. The security features will appear in a warning box.
  • Warning Box- Warning Box on back of the check lists the check's security features and describes how to detect fraud and alterations.
  • Void Pantograph- Void pantograph is copy-evident and tamper-resistant pattern of the word “Void” in the background of the check. It is invisible to the eye, but becomes visible when the document is photocopied.
  • Chemical Protection- Chemical Reactive Paper shows stains or spots when an attempt is made to remove the check information with chemical ink eradicators or manual erasure. When "washing" a check to commit check fraud, the most common acetate used is fingernail polish remover. Using our chemical reactive paper for your business check and blank laser check may defeat those people looking to alter your checks by chemical means.
  • Erasure Protection- When areas on the front of your business check are erased, the colored pantograph becomes white. Our pantograph may defeat the person looking to commit check fraud on your laser check by a manual erasure process.
  • Fluorescent Fibers- Invisible and Fluorescent Fibers are imbedded in your business check. These fibers are only visible under an ultraviolet light. A fraudulent check will not contain these invisible fibers. All banks now scan checks under ultraviolet light before processing for payment.
  • Prismatic Pantograph - Pantograph in you check stock background complicates alteration and unauthorized reproduction. Our Pantograph is designed to make our blank laser check and business check difficult for the forger to alter and copy.
  • Multi-language VOID- The word “VOID” appears in Multiple languages when solvents are applied.
  • Toner Adhesion - Causes toner to bond permanently to paper. Attempts to remove information causes paper to tear.