Thermal Printer EZ Wipe Saturated with IPA Cleaning Solution

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Thermal Printer Printhead Cleaning Wipes are a single-use, non-abrasive and lint free cleaning product. The pre-saturated wipes will remove debris, residue and dirt from your thermal printhead, platen rollers and interior or exterior components of the device. Our thermal cleaning wipe will extend the life of your print head, reduce wear on the platen rollers and may prevent wrinkling and tearing of your thermal ribbons.

All of our products use an Electronic Grade IPA Solution of 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol. Many of our competitors products use rubbing alcohol at 70%. A higher percentage of Isopropyl Alcohol reduces the drying time of your print head and platen roller. Packaging: 100 per box.

Packaging: 100 per box. Questions? Call Us at: 1-800-434-9011

Thermal Printer Print Cleaning Wipes

  • We offer a full line of thermal printer services and products, including Print Heads, Wax Ribbons, and Labels.
  • Our cleaning wipes are a single-use cleaning solution for your thermal print head.
    • The thermal cleaning swab contains 1.0 +/- ml of our IPA cleaning solution.
    • The material is 100% Polyester Spunlace material, Spunlace give the wipe a durabillity without being abrasive.
    • The packaging give the thermal printhead cleaning swab a long shelf life
    • The IPA cleaning solution is cover with an easy snap seal. Pressing the body activates the seal.
    • The low cost of the thermal cleaning wipes makes it practical to place at multiple printing stations
  • Thermal print head cleaning wipes are a  non-abrasive cleaning method.
    • Thermal printer cleaning cards are made of a coarser material and are not meant for frequent use.
  • Thermal print head cleaning wipes specifications
    • IPA Volume: 1.0 +/- ml
    • Solution Content: 99.9 IP
    • Packing Pouch Size (mm): 63 x 79
    • Wipe Material 100% Polyester Sunlace material ;
    • Packing Pouch Size (mm): 63 x 79
    • Unfolded Size (mm): 127 x 152
    • Folded Size (mm): 45 x 45
    • Handle Dimensions (LxD) 4.5" x 0.200"
    • Foam Tim Dimensions (LxD) 0.984" x 0.591".
    • 100 ppi , open cell polyurethane rectangular foam tip.
    • 25 wipes to a box
  • Regular cleaning of thermal printer areas can extend the print head life by 80%.
  • The Thermal printhead cleaning swab uses an Electronic Grade IPA Solution of 99.9% (Isopropyl Alcohol) this is nearly 30% stronger than off the shelf sterile alcohol.
  • Residue leftover from slower drying cleaning solutions can cause the breakdown of the backing of thermal ribbons. When the backing material breaks down it can cause contamination of the print head and platen rollers.
  • Leftover adhesive and burned on debris may cause the wrinkling and tearing of thermal ribbons and labels.
  • All thermal printer manufactures recommend using thermal cleaning products during every change of media.