Check on Top, Perfs; 3 1/2" & 7 1/2" from Top, Fortress, Maximum Security Features

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Check Top; Remittance Area white; 2 perforations; Check size 3 1/2" Perf Locations (from top) 3 1/2", 7 1/2".

Pricing is for 500 checks per box.

If you have any questions call us at 1-800-434-9011 or use our online ruler for Laser Printed Business Checks.

Features Offered by Troy Fortress Check Paper

Troy offers many features to prevent the chemical or mechanical alteration of check stock. A few features are as follows.

  • SafeImage Controlled Security Paper: The chain of custody makes it possible to trace the checks back to its legitimate source.
  • True "Fourdrinier Watermark" Paper (Built Into Check Paper): A true watermark that is embedded during the milling process.
  • Unique Document Control Numbers: Each check has a unique number on it that allows tracking the chain of custody.
  • TouchSafe: By warming the safe soft the reveals the word "VALID"
  • Erasure Sensitive SEL & PMS Inks : Any attempt to alter the check will erase the check background.
  • Chemical Protection (Built Into Check Paper): Any attempt to chemically alter the check will cause a red stain. Use with Troy MICR toner for the highest level of security.
  • Visible Blue & Red Fibers (Built Into Check Paper): Very fine fibers are placed into the check and will not show up during copying.
  • 3-Color Prismatic Background: The background is a blend of three colors making it difficult to copy and allowing for check 21 compliance.
  • Complex Microtext Relief Printing: Relief printing can not be duplicated by scanning.
  • ThermoSafe Protection Bar: Warming the bar will cause the bar to fade temporarily.
  • Full Bleed Border: The border is to the edge of the paper causing problems when attempting to copy the check.
  • High Resolution Border: The resolution of the border is so fine that attempts to copy it will blur.
  • Toner Anchorage: Any attempt to alter the check will damage a special coating on the check
  • Invisible Fluorescent Fibers (Built Into Check Paper): Fibers that are only visible under a black (UV) light are placed in the check.These fibers cannont be scanned of photocopied.
  • Warning Band: Reminds individuals of security features.
  • UV Dull Paper (Built Into Check Paper): The paper has a blue tint under a black light.
  • NaNOcopy Void Pantograph: Copy will reveal the word void. The word is made if micro-alphanumerical characters.
  • SCANcheck: The SCANcheck is a feature that when scanned willl show the word "VALID" verifying the check authenticity.
  • Microtext Lines: Lines on the check are made of microtext that appeared as a line under normal viewing. When copying it blurs into a solid line.
  • Anti-Alteration Box: The characters in this box are made up of microtext and there is a 3-d relief image to prevent copying.
  • Secure Endorsement Area: The endorsement area is made of microtext.
  • Detailed Legend / Warning Box: List of features are detailed in the warning box.
  • Non-Negotiable Stub Backer: Printing on blank areas to prevent misuse.
  • MICR/OCR Compliance: Exceeds all ANSI standards.
  • Check 21 Friendly CAR Area: The CAR area is made of relief characters to prevent copying.