Wax Resin Ribbon

There are many ribbon sizes and formulas that fit your thermal printer. This section focuses on Wax Resin Ribbon formulas.  Please click here if you are searching for Wax, Resin or Near Edge ribbon formulas.

Our Wax Resin Ribbons are Made in the USA and are certified ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. We offer three Wax Resin Formulas. Each Formula is Focused on Solving Different Environmental Conditions.

General Use: This Wax Resin Ribbon provides a nice balance between Resin and Wax. The focus of this formula is to provide a high level of abrasion resistance on a variety of substrates. This ribbon will print up to 8 IPS on both coated and uncoated paper. Our General Use Wax Resin Ribbon is also known as DNP’s TRX-50.

MidPoint: This Wax Resin Formula is designed to out perform Premium Formulas without premium pricing. Our value priced, Midpoint Wax Resin Ribbon combines a high level of resin with a high percentage of Carnauba. Carnauba melts quickly and evenly on labels and is uniquely resistant to acid and water. Our formula combines a high level of resin with a high percentage of Carnauba to create an industry leading Wax Resin Ribbon known as DNP's MPMid. 

Premium: This Wax Resin Ribbon provides exceptional barcode scanning and precise images on a wide selection of receiving materials, including coated and uncoated paper labels and tags, varnished label stock and films at a variety of printing speeds. Our Premium Wax Resin Ribbon is an extremely versatile, all-purpose wax/resin that will out-perform other ribbons in extreme environments, thanks to its powerful resistance against smearing and chemicals. This Premium Wax Resin Formula is also known as DNP's TRX-55.

We Tested our Wax Resin Ribbons against comparable competitor formulas, please review our Formula Comparison

With so many Formulas and Sizes Available, we Encourage you to call us Toll Free at: 1.800.434.9011. We can Assist you in Finding the Correct Formula and Size for your Ribbon. We Offer Free Ribbon Samples for testing.

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