4" x 4", Direct Thermal, Fanfold, Uncoated, Premium, $60.11 per Stack in a 2 Stack Case

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Country of Origin: Made in USA. 
Cost: $20.04 per 1,000 Labels. 3,000 labels per stack. $60.11 per stack, 2 stacks in a case. 6,000 labels to a case.

Our Quality Difference
Our Emulsion Acrylic, All Temperature Adhesive will Stop Your Labels from Balling up when Cold and will Stop your Labels from Falling off in Heat. This label can be applied at temperatures as low as -20°F and will maintain its adhesion strength in temperatures ranging from -65°F to 200°F.

Our Top Coat, Matte Finish contains a Protective Film Designed to Resist Condensation, UV Light, Heat and Chemicals when used with a Ribbon.

The label’s Coated surface is Bright White, Paper with a Non-Glossy appearance. The Adhesive is Permanent upon Application. There are perforations between each label. The labels are separated by 1/8" gap between labels. This label’s shape is rectangle and the corners are rounded.

This Label is Compatible with the following Part Numbers: DSP400400F1F00B & FDT4040

We are so Confident in this Label, We will Provide a Test Your Printer against this Label. Remove all Doubts. Questions? Concerns? Call Us at: 1-800-434-9011.

Our Commitment To Quality

  • Our labels are certified ISO 9001 for Quality Management and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.
  • To extend the life of the label face we use a 46 lb face stock
  • To insure read and scanning quality the face stock has an 89% brightness and an 87% opacity
  • We use a face stock with a tensile strength of 26 lbf/in to resist abrasions.
  • We have labels that are UL-certified, GHS compliant.
  • Uses: Prescription, Shipping, Manufacturing, Inventory, Jewelry, Asset, Tag & Cable Labels
  • Industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail & Transportation
  • Custom labels can be produced on a wide variety of material, with custom colors, sizes and shapes.
  • If you have questions or are looking for custom labels call us toll free at: 1-800-434-9011.