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4 x 4 Labels

Welcome to the 4 x 4 Label Size Section of our Store. We have Made in USA labels designed to work with any printer manufacturer and any environmental condition. We have 4 x 4 Labels that are:

  • Optimized for quick apply and adhesion dry with an initial tack of 100. Perfect for shipping, inventory, corrugated and cardboard applications. 
  • Designed to survive in rigorous outdoor conditions (Heat and Cold). Our Premium Labels.
  • Built to withstand the rigors of long term cold storage. (can apply at -20°F, can store at -65°F) Our Freezer Grade Labels.

Direct Thermal Labels are optimized for those applications not using a ribbon. Our Thermal Transfer Labels are optimized for those applications that use a ribbon. If you do not find your label or have Questions? Call us toll free: 1.800.434.9011 We offer Free Samples for testing. 

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