Bell-Mark: EasyPrint (128mm) - 300 DPI, OEM Equivalent Printhead

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Country of Origin: Made in China. Engineered in the USA.
Rockwell Surface Hardness Rating: 65
Environmental Protection: Pressure Sealed Circuits
Installation: Same as OEM. Drop in Replacement

This Bell-Mark EasyPrint (128mm), 300 DPI, OEM Equivalent Printhead is designed to replace the following Part NumbersP10867, P11813, KCE-128-12PAT2-BM, KCE-128-12PAT2

Our Bell-Mark OEM Equivalent Printhead works in the following printer models: Bell-Mark: EasyPrint (128mm)

We offer the same Replacement Protection in Our Warranty as Bell-Mark offers in their warranty. Our New Bell-Mark compatible thermal printhead is available for shipment worldwide. This is a brand-new Bell-Mark OEM Equivalent Printhead. This Printhead is not rebuilt nor re-manufactured.

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Ganson Engineering’s View on Printheads

  • The World of Thermal Printheads is Dominated by Three Manufacturers. Kyocera, Rohm and Toshiba. These Three Manufacturers make most of the OEM printheads for the various manufacturers of Thermal Printers
  • Ganson Engineering believes there are Three Types of Printheads: OEM, OEM Equivalent and Compatible
  • OEM Printhead: This is a printhead built for the Manufacturer of the Thermal Printer. Typically, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Printhead is built by one of the big three Printhead Manufacturers. This printhead is built to the specifications defined by the Printer Manufacturer and is called an OEM Printhead. This printhead will contain the OEM Logo and arrives in a Branded Box.
  • OEM Equivalent Printhead: This Printhead is a Compatible Printhead and not an OEM. The OEM Equivalent Printhead is Designed to be a “drop in replacement” for and Perform to the Same Specifications as an OEM printhead. Buyer Beware: There are many knockoff companies building variations of the OEM Equivalent Printhead with varying quality of parts. Our US based partner controls Printhead Quality by having all the engineering, product part tolerances and quality assurance performed in the USA. The printhead components are made in China.
  • OEM Compatible Printhead: Our Made in USA printhead is designed to function as a replacement of the OEM printhead. The compatible printhead may not look like the OEM printhead and may incorporate different functionality. We believe the additional functionality of our Diamond Like Protective Coating and using Resistive Pastes instead of Pressure Sealed Circuits will provide our clients an extended life when compared to an OEM Printhead.