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PrintHead Cleaning Supplies

All print head manufacturers strongly recommend cleaning thermal printers after each change of media. Eighty per cent of print head failures are caused by debris, adhesive, and residue buildup on your platen rollers. Proper cleaning of your print head, platen roller and feed paths can extend the life of your printhead and reduce your maintenance calls.

Day-to-Day Maintenance: Thermal cleaning pens, wipes or swabs. Our pens, wipes and swabs provide a quick but gentle cleaning of adhesive, dust and burnt on residue. 
In-depth Cleaning: Thermal cleaning cards. While a bit more abrasive than cleaning pens, wipes and swabs these cards are designed for removing stuck labels, heavy debris and caked on residue. We carry a full line of cleaning card sizes. 

All of our products use an Electronic Grade IPA Solution of 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol. Many of our competitors products use rubbing alcohol at 70%. A higher percentage of Isopropyl Alcohol reduces the drying time of your print head, print path and platen roller. Questions? Call Us at: 1-800-434-9011

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