HP Color Laserjet 4500 & 4550 Series Fuser

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This Made in the USA Fuser is for all 4500 and 4550 Series Printers HP Part Numbers: C4084, C4084A, C4084-69004 & C4197A. This Purchase is for the fuser with you keeping the Old Fuser Core. There is no Requirement to Return the Core.

Ganson HP 4500 & 4550 Maintenance Kits and Fusers: Manufacturing and Quality Control Process

  • Each HP 4500 & 4550 Fuser is Completely Dis-Assembled.
  • Every Gear, Screw, Spring within the HP 4500 & 4550 Fuser is Inspected and Replaced As Needed.
  • Each Part in the Fuser is Tested to Ensure Compliance With OEM Standards.
  • Any Part that is Not Compliant to HP 4500 & 4550 Maintenance Kit Standards is Replaced.
  • Print Testing Occurs on each Finished Fuser Assembly. Each Sample Page is Inspected for Gray Scale Quality.
  • We Drop Test .5% of our Finished Maintenance/Fuser Kits. We Drop Test the Finished, Packaged Kit Eight Times per Side to Ensure Proper Packaging Techniques.
  • Our Kits are Tested, and Inspected to Ensure we Exceed OEM Requirements.