HP Laserjet 4000 & 4050 Fuser / Exchange Option

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This Made in the USA Fuser is for all 4000 and 4500 Series Printers. This Purchase is for Advance Exchange only. By purchasing this remanufactured HP 4000 & 4050 Fuser, you agree to return the old HP 4000 & 4050 Fuser Core within 20 days of Fuser Receipt. If we do not receive the Old Fuser Core within 20 days, you Authorize Ganson Engineering to charge your Credit Card an Additional $150.00.

Ganson HP 4000 & 4050 Fuser Kits: Manufacturing and Quality Control Process

  • Each HP 4000 & 4050 Fuser is Completely Dis-Assembled.
  • Every Gear, Screw, Spring within the HP 4000 & 4050 Fuser is Inspected and Replaced As Needed.
  • Each Part in the Fuser is Tested to Ensure Compliance With OEM Standards.
  • Any Part that is Not Compliant to HP 4000 & 4050 Fuser Kit Standards is Replaced.
  • Print Testing Occurs on each Finished Fuser Assembly. Each Sample Page is Inspected for Gray Scale Quality.
  • We Drop Test .5% of our Finished Fuser Kits. We Drop Test the Finished, Packaged Kit Eight Times per Side to Ensure Proper Packaging Techniques.
  • Our Kits are Tested, and Inspected to Ensure we Exceed HP 4000 & 4050 MK Requirements.