HP M601, M602, M603 & M4555 MICR Toner

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Our MICR Toner is compatible with the following Part Numbers: CE390A Micr, 90A Micr, CE390AM, 90AM & 02-81350-001
Our Toner is Compatible with the following printers:HP 600, M601, M602, M603 & M4555 Printers.
This Cartridge is designed for a 10,000 page yield at 5% coverage. Questions?
Call us toll free at: 1-800-434-9011.

Ganson Manufacturing and Quality Control Process for HP Laserjet Enterprise 600 models M601, M602, M603 & M4555 Micr Toner

  • Our cartridges use the Patented ZeroTwist? Technology. Canon© has begun an aggressive campaign of litigation against toner remanufacturers, resellers and their customers. Anyone not using ZeroTwist? gears may face the threat of legal action. There are three types of cartridges OEM, ZeroTwist? and ones that are in violation of Canonï's patent.
  • We do not use the Cheap Toner and Cheap Parts Flooding the Marketplace. No B Grade Supplies Ever! We Proudly mention the Parts we use.
  • We Proudly Say: Our Compatible Toner is Built in the USA. We Kept the Jobs in the USA!
  • Our Compatible HP Laserjet Toner Cartridges are built using Brand New Cores. The Casing, Toner Hopper and Waste collector are Cleaned with Compressed Air and Wiped down with a Lint free Cloth.
  • The Drum is Replaced with a New Mitsubishi Drum Specifically Designed for HP Toner Part Numbers CE390A Micr, 90A Micr, CE390AM, 90AM & 02-81350-001.
  • EVERY Gear, Screw, and Spring are Inspected and Replaced as needed.
  • The Wiper Blade, Doctor Blade, Primary Charge Roller (PCR) and Magnetic Roller are replaced with Tuico Blades.
  • Premium Seals are used to Secure Leak Free Usage.
  • The Toner Hopper is filled to the top with IMEX toner.
  • Print testing occurs on each Finished Toner Cartridge. Each Sample Page is Inspected for Gray Scale Quality. 
  • 1% of each Modelï's Production is Stress Tested. We Print Continuous Pages at 18% Coverage until the Cartridge is Empty. The Cartridge is Disassembled and Inspected for Imperfections.
  • We drop test .5% of Finished Cartridges. The Cartridge is Dropped Eight Times per Corrugated Box Side. The Corrugated Box is Opened to Verify Fitness for Use on our Packed Cartridges.