HP Staple,Type D2 for Part Number C3772A Size 26x25x32mm

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Established in 1981 on a Guarantee of Quality, Our HP Compatible Staples are Certified by Buyers Laboratory Inc. This purchase is for one master box containing 3 staple refills per box. Each refill will consist of 2,000 staples. We feature a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you do not know your Staple Part Number or the model number of your finisher, sorter, or stapler attachment then call. Questions? Call us toll free at: 1-800-434-9011.

HP Staple Part Number: C3772A

Supports the following finisher, sorter, or stapler attachment.

Supported HP Copiers and Laser Printers:
HP LaserJet 5Si, 5si Mopier HP LaserJet 8000, 8100, 8150

If you are using the HP LaserJet 8100 AND the sorter/ finisher Q3633A, Q3634A, Q3220A you will need C4791A

Our HP Staple,Type D2 for Part Number C3772A -- Performance Certified by Buyers Laboratory
  • Our Compatible Staple was Placed in Numerous Copier Stapler Attachments.
  • These Attachments and Associated Copiers were Place in Buyers Laboratories 10,000 Square Foot Test Lab
  • Our Staples were Stress Tested buy Buyers Laboratory.
  • Large Print Job Staple Testing. Our Staple was Tested for Proper Length and Binding Capabilities. 50 Print  Jobs at 100 Pages Each were Tested at Various Stations.
  • Multiple Print Job Staple Testing. Our Staple was Tested for Speed by Printing 500 Print Jobs at 5 Pages Each at Various Stations.
  • Compatibility Testing: Our Staple was Tested for Fit, Finish and Compatibility with the Copier and Copier Sorter, Finisher & Stapler Attachment.
  • Buyers Laboratory also Conducted Extensive Durability Testing on this Compatible HP Staple.
  • Our Compatible HP C3772A. Completed and Passed Buyers Laboratories In-house Lab Testing
  • Buyers Laboratory Awarded our Type D2 Staple Performance Certified