O'Neil Thermal Printer Paper

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Our standard thermal paper for the O'Neil 4te mobile printers will produce sharp clear print at an economical cost. Typical uses are field service, route accounting, service records, estimates, and appraisals.

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Paper Width Repeat Core Diameter Rewind Feet per Roll Packaging
55 Gram 4.375" std Warning Signal .5" ID .625 OD SP

2 1/8"

Thermal wound outside


50 rls/ctn 26#ctn

Compatible Printers: O'Neil 4te, 4tcr Star Micronics TSP800 Seiko DPU411, DPU414, DPU5400, DPU5442 Citizen CBM210, IDP3240

Thermal Paper Buying Considerations

  • Alpha 800-3.4 paper has a 7 to 10 year archival life depending on the conditions. The paper has a bond-like feel and bright white surfaces.
  • Résiste paper has a 20 year archival life depending on conditions. The paper is front and back coated to resist abrasion. Résiste paper works well in high speed printers.
  • The cheap thermal paper flooding the market provides an inconsistent archival life and lacks abrasion resistance.
  • Poor quality (Cheap) thermal paper is not adequately cleaned of dust. During storage, this excessive dust settles on the paper creating abrasive particles. These are very small particles you cannot see but are large enough to damage your printhead.
  • Single sourced paper guarantees the paper quality from roll to roll, case to case, shipment to shipment. Quality paper provides a consistent print and protects your printhead from unintended abrasive particles.
  • Thermal paper can deteriorate if not kept in a controlled environment. The storage area should be dark, with moderate temperature and a humidity range between 45% and 65%.
  • Certain papers absorb ink at different rates. It is critical that you match your printer with the correct paper to avoid smearing. Our expert staff can match your ink’s absorption rate to the correct type of thermal paper.
  • Thermal paper is sensitive to heat. The level of heat sensitivity impacts the image quality, archival life of the receipt, and life of your printhead.
  • Proper paper selection by required archival life is the key to controlling cost. A thinner paper saves your money but may not have the archival life for your solution. Our staff has years of experience in thermal print and will be able to match your archival requirements to the correct thermal paper.
  • Our paper is Bisphenol A (BPA) free.
  • We use paper that is ISO 14001 sourced. Our paper is earth friendly!