Check on Bottom, Perfs: 4" & 7 1/2” from Top, Blue, 13 Security Features

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Check Bottom; Remittance Area White; 2 perforations; Check size 3 1/2" Perf Locations (from top) 4", 7"½.

Pricing is for 500 checks per box. Shipping is $9 per 500 sheets using UPS Ground freight.

If you have any questions call us at 1-800-434-9011 or use our online ruler for Laser Printed Business Checks.

Features Offered by Troy Security Check Paper

Troy offers many features to prevent the chemical or mechanical alteration of check stock. A few featrues are as follows.

  • NaNOcopyT Void Pantograph: Any attempt to copy will cause "VOID" to appear.
  • Simulated Watermark: Can be seen by holding at angle.
  • SCANCheck: A normal scanner can will reveal "VALID"
  • Coin Reactive Pigment: When rubbed with a coin, reveals watermark and ink changes color
  • Microtext Lines: When magnified they reveal text, when copied they become a line
  • Anti-Alteration Box: Cannot be copied or scanned
  • Secure Endorsement Area: Multiple levels of protection
  • Detailed Legend: List all of the security features
  • Non-Negotiable Stub Backer: Used in the stub portions to prevent misuse
  • MICR/OCR compliant: Meets all standards set by ANSI
  • Check 21 Friendly: Meets all of the standards for imaging compliance
  • Controlled Check Stock