HP Staple, Type G1 for Part Number Q3229A Size 35x40x35mm

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Established in 1981 on a Guarantee of Quality, Our HP Compatible Staples are Certified by Buyers Laboratory Inc. This purchase is for two master box each containing 3 staple refills per box. Each refill will consist of 2,000 staples. If you do not know your Staple Part Number or the model number of your finisher, sorter, or stapler attachment then call. We feature a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Questions? Call us toll free at: 1-800-434-9011.

HP Staple Part Number: Q3229A

Supports the following finisher, sorter, or stapler attachment.

Supported HP Copiers and Laser Printers:
HP LaserJet 9085MFP

If you are using the HP LaserJet 9085MFP AND the sorter/ finisher Q3633A, Q3634A, Q3220A. you will need C4791A

Our HP Staple, Type G1 for Part Number Q3229A- Performance Certified by Buyers Laboratory
  • Our Compatible Staple was Placed in Numerous Copier Stapler Attachments.
  • These Attachments and Associated Copiers were Place in Buyers Laboratories 10,000 Square Foot Test Lab
  • Our Staples were Stress Tested buy Buyers Laboratory.
  • Large Print Job Staple Testing. Our Staple was Tested for Proper Length and Binding Capabilities. 50 Print  Jobs at 100 Pages Each were Tested at Various Stations.
  • Multiple Print Job Staple Testing. Our Staple was Tested for Speed by Printing 500 Print Jobs at 5 Pages Each at Various Stations.
  • Compatibility Testing: Our Staple was Tested for Fit, Finish and Compatibility with the Copier and Copier Sorter, Finisher & Stapler Attachment.
  • Buyers Laboratory also Conducted Extensive Durability Testing on this Compatible HP Staple.
  • Our Compatible HP Q3229A. Completed and Passed Buyers Laboratories In-house Lab Testing
  • Buyers Laboratory Awarded our Type G1 Staple Performance Certified