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Xerox Compatible Laser Toner

Our Compatible Xerox Micr and Regular Toner Cartridge is ISO 9001 Certified: The International Standards Organization (ISO) Defines the Requirements for Quality Control Processes in a Manufacturing Environment. Every Year, an Independent Auditor Certified by the International Standards Organization comes to our Manufacturing Plant for an in depth Evaluation of our Toner Cartridge Manufacturing Process. ISO Certification is Time Consuming, Expensive & Painful.

The American Banking Association requires a Xerox MICR toner cartridge to produce an Iron Oxide Signal Strength of 50. Europe and Canada require a signal strength of 80. The signal strength of our MICR toner formula is 100 to 114. Part of our ISO 9001 Quality Process is to do a signal strength check on each batch of our MICR toner. Any MICR toner with a signal strength of less than 100 is rejected by our Quality Control team.

This Obsession with Quality has brought our Defect Rate to less than 1/2 Percent. Our ISO Certification confirms our Dedication to Quality. Experience for Yourself the Quality, Technical Support, and Low Defect Rate of our Compatible Xerox Magnetic Ink Character Recognitiion (Micr) and Regular Toner Cartridge.

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