Resin Ribbon: 1.57” x 1,476’ (40.0mm x 450m), Ink on Outside, Darwin, $9.05 per Roll, 24 Roll Case.

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Best in Class For: Abrasion Resistance, Darkness, Scanability and SPEED
Performance Attributes: High Speed, Low Heat, Very Adaptable

Darwin is Fast. Our Adaptable Resin is Capable of 3 IPS to 12 IPS (Inches per Second) without any Degradation of Print Quality. You will get Crisp, Dark Images at both Low Speed and High Speed.

Darwin is Cool. This Resin Ribbon will Melt and Adhere to any Substrate at a Low Heat. Imagine Printing at High Speed and Low Heat for RESIN. Think of the Increase in Labels Printed when you don't have to Slow the Printer for the Ribbon.

Given Darwin's Ability to Survive in Low Heat Environments, Darwin Resin can be used on Desktop Thermal Printers.

Our Darwin Resin Ribbons are Built to Adapt and Survive with Superior Durability (Scratch and Smudge). See for Yourself our Test Results and Review The Testing Of Darwin.

We are so Confident in This Ribbon Formula, We will Provide a Free Ribbon Sample. Test Your Label Stock and Printer. Remove all Doubts. Call Us at: 1-800-434-9011  

Part Number Compatibility: 18108118, 05095BK04045, 06200BK04045, FRD04033, T13128ZA, Z040450331R, ZEB040450VR, ZEB310-040450

Formula Compatibility: V300, R300, Zebra 5095, Zebra 6200, Zebra 4100, Zebra 4800, Zebra 6100, B324, B325, Z302, AXR 1, AXR 7+, HL21, HL49, HL72, LR21, NK22, NK45, SP330, B110C, B120HS, TD331, US310, US450

LabelStock (a.k.a Substrate or Facestock): Paper, Flood-Coated Paper, Gloss Paper, Kimdura, Synthetic Paper, Polyart, Polyester, Polyethylane, Polyolefin, Polypropylene, UV Varnishes, Coated Caleron, Coated V-mas, Matte Kapton, Overlaminates, Polymide, Polystyrene & Vinyl. All PET's, Laminates, Varnishes, and Top Coats. This Darwin Series of Resin Ribbon will Adapt, Adhere and Survive with Superior Durability to any Labelstock, Facestock, or Substrate.

 Features of This Darwin Resin Ribbon:   

  • Coated Side Out (a.k.a Ink on the Outside).
  • Darwin Ribbon Survives well against Alcohol Contact including Methanol and Isopropanol (IPA).
  • Inner Diameter (Core Size) of this Ribbon is 1” (25.4mm).
  • These Ribbons can Reach Print Speeds of up to 12 IPS (Inches per Second). Depending on Substrate, Font and Image.
  • Ink Transfer Temperature of 87°C (188°F).
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • FDA Certified: Indirect Food Contact & Halogen Free
  • Certified European Standards: REACH & RoHS
  • Ribbon Width Should be 1/4 to 1/2 Inch Wider than the Label or Label Carrier (Backing of Label).
  • Our Ribbon's Protective Backcoating will Reduce Ink Buildup Around the Heating Elements of Your Printhead.
  • Formula Dissipates Static. Prevents Static Build-Up, Printing Voids. Label Retrack and Labelstock Shadows

If You do not See Your Printer Model Call Us. We can Match You with the Correct Ribbon 1-800-434-9011

Printer Models Certified for This Resin Ribbon:

Zebra: 105S, 105Se, 105SL, 110Xi4, 110XiIII Plus, 140Xi, 140Xi4, 140XiII, 140XiIII, 140XiIII Plus, 160S, 170Xi, 170Xi4, 170XiII, 170XiIII, 170XiIIIPlus, 220Xi, 220Xi4, 220XiII, 220XiIII, 220XiIIIPlus, 2746, 2746e, 2824 Series, 2824-Z, 2844, 2844-Z, 3642, 90Xi, 90XiII, 90XiIII, 90XiIII Plus, 96XiIII, 96XiIII Plus, GT800, QualaBar 450V, R2844-Z, R402, R110Xi, R110XiIII Plus, R-140, R170Xi, R4M Plus, S4M, S300, S400, S500, S600, T402, TB260, TB285, ThermaBar 260, ThermaBar 280, TLP2242, TLP2642, LTP2742, TLP2344, TLP2746, TLP2044, TLP2046, TLP2242, TLP2344, TLP2642, TLP2824Plus, Z105, Z105Se, Z105SL, Z130, Z140, Z140-S, Z142, Z143, Z220, Z221, Z222, Z223, Z4000, Z4M, Z4M Plus, Z60, Z6000, Z6M, Z6M Plus, Z90, Z90A, Z91, Z92, Z92A, Z93, Z93A, Z95, ZM600, ZT200, ZT220, ZT230
Bizerba: CWS, GD GS, GH, GH7000, GV, GX, GLP, LP-151, LP-204T, LP-207T, LP-306, TTD350
Brady: 105S, 140xi, 152, 170xi, 200, 200M, 200M-e, 200MVP, 200xi, 203, 203x, 203x Plus, 203x PlusII, 206M, 260M, 300, 300MVP, 300MVP Plus, 300X, 300 X Plus, 360X, 360X Plus, 360X PlusII, 600X Plus, 600X PlusII, 90xi, S-300, S-500, T2000, T300, THT200
Citizen: S4 203, CLP 621Z, CLP 631Z
Intermec: 194, 195, 260, 296, 407, 7421, 7422, C4, EasyCoder 91, PC4, PC41, PC42, Swedot 196
Markem: 4221, 4224, 4225, 4240, 435, 5230, Cimjet 2440, Cimjet 300, Cimjet 307LT, Cimjet 311, Cimjet 314P, Cimjet 321, Cimjet 331, Cimjet 334, Cimjet 342, Cimjet 346, Cimjet 2440, LP710, SK 4200, SK 4200A SK, SK 4210, SK 4220A, SK 4221, SK 4224, SK 4225, SK 4240, SK 4270, SK 5230, SK 5320
And Many More!