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Our Resin Ribbons are Made in the USA and are certified, ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. Our 3 Resin Formulas are Best in Class for Heat, Abrasion & Chemical Resistance. We Tested our Heat Shield and Darwin resins against Zebra's 5095 Performance Resin Ribbon. Please review our Summary Zebra 5095 Testing Data and Detailed Zebra 5095 Data.

Our Heat Shield Formula: This ribbon is Best in Class for Heat Resistance: Up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit which is 100 degrees higher than Zebra’s 5095. This Ribbon Rocks if your Package goes through a Heat Tunnel or Undergoes Heat Sterilization. This Ribbon prints at 7 – 9 ips. (Inches per second)

Our Darwin Formula: Darwin is our most Adaptable Ribbon. Darwin will Provide Superior Abrasion Resistance across Many Different types of Facestock (aka Labelstock or Substrate) This Ribbon prints up to 12 ips and Transfers Ink at a Low Temperature.

Our Wicked Tough Formula: Wicked tough is Best in Class when it comes to Abrasion Resistance, Chemical Resistance and Environmental conditions. This Ribbon was Built to Survive the Chemical and Alcohol Treatments in the Automobile Industry. This Ribbon Prints at an Awe Inspiring Speed of 6 – 7 ips (Inches Per Second). Please Review our Test Results for Wicked Tough vs The Chemical Solvents.

With so many Formulas and Sizes Available, we Encourage you to call us Toll Free at: 1.800.434.9011. We can Assist you in Finding the Correct Formula and Size for your Ribbon. Shipping is always FREE and we offer Free Ribbon Samples for testing.

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