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Premium Resin Formula

We Feature Two Premium Resin Formulas: Darwin and Wicked Tough. Both are Made in USA and are ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 14001 Certified for Environmental Management. 

Our Darwin Resin Ribbons are Built to Adapt and Survive with Superior Durability (Scratch and Smudge). See for Yourself our Test Results and Review The Testing Of Darwin. Darwin is High Speed (Up to 12 IPS) and Low Heat with a Transfer Temperature of 87°C (188°F). Perfect for High Speed Resin Applications and/or Desktop Printers

Our Wicked Tough Ribbon Excels at Extreme Resistance to Abrasion and Solvents. View Our Wicked Tough Resin vs The Chemicals. Yes. We are that Good. Wicked Tough Ribbons Condition Your Labels to Increase Ink Absorption. This Extreme Abrasion Resistance Ribbon Prints at 8 IPS with a Transfer Temperature of 202°C (396°F)

Get Free Ribbon Samples of Both Darwin and Wicked Tough. Test our Formulas Against Your Environment with your Printer and Labels. Remove all Doubts. Questions Call Us at: 1-800-434-9011  

Resin Ribbon is defined by Width and Length. Our left sidebar provides a presorted listing of the most popular Resin Ribbon Lengths and Widths.

We have ribbons designed to work with any printer manufacturer and any environmental condition. We offer free ribbon samples for testing. Questions? Need help locating the BEST ribbon? Call us toll free: 1.800.434.9011

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