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Our Wax Ribbons are Made in the USA and are certified, ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. We offer Two Resin Enhanced Wax Formulas. Each Formula is Focused on Solving Different Environmental Conditions.

General Use: This Wax Ribbon contains a touch of resin to enhance abrasion resistance while maintaining a drop and go status. This ribbon will print up to 12 IPS on both coated and uncoated paper. Our General Use, Resin Enhanced Wax Ribbon is also known as: DNP’s MP Wax.

Premium Resin Enhanced: This Wax Ribbon contains a high percentage of Carnauba in its formula. Carnauba melts quickly and evenly on labels and has the unique ability to resist acid and water. Our formula combines a high level of resin with a high percentage of Carnauba to create an industry leading Premium Wax Ribbon better known as: DNP’s TR4085plus

With so many Formulas and Sizes Available, we Encourage you to call us Toll Free at: 1.800.434.9011. We can Assist you in Finding the Correct Formula and Size for your Ribbon. We Offer Free Ribbon Samples for testing.

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