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Datamax M-4308 Printheads

Our OEM and OEM Compatible Thermal Printheads are designed for the following Datamax printers: Datamax M-4308 & M4308. These series of Printers using the following OEM part number (sku): PHD20-2263-01.

OEM Compatible Printhead: Our Made in USA printhead is designed to function as a replacement for the OEM. This compatible printhead incorporates additional functionality of Diamond Like Protective Coating and Resistive Pastes instead of Pressure Sealed Circuits. We believe this printhead will substantially outperform an OEM printhead in a Thermal Transfer Environment.

OEM Equivalent Printhead: This Printhead is a Compatible Printhead and not an OEM. The OEM Equivalent Printhead is Designed to be a “drop-in replacement” for and Perform to the Same Specifications as an OEM printhead. We believe this printhead will substantially outperform an OEM printhead in a Direct Thermal Environment.

OEM Printhead: This is a printhead built for the Manufacturer of the Thermal Printer. Typically, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Printhead is built by one of the big three Printhead Manufacturers (Kyocera, Rohm, Toshiba). This printhead is built to the specifications defined by the Printer Manufacturer and is called an OEM Printhead. This printhead will contain the OEM Logo, arrives in a Branded Box and carries the Manufacturer's Warranty.

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